Orchard Road Mosque & Musholla

Nov 19, 2015


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orchard mosque

Assalamu’alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
(Peace and mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you)

We had received a few enquiries pertaining mosque at Orchard road, and we decide to provide more information on it.

There are actually 13 musholla sites availabe along the whole stretch of Orchard Road.
Including 1 mosque (Masjid Al-Falah)

*Orchard Road Mosque & Musholla*

*Nearest masjid is Al-Falah Mosque* 

AL-FALAH mosque orchard
  • Bideford Rd #01-01, Cairnhill Place, Spore 229650
  • Opposite Paragon Medical Center

1. Orchard Hotel (Arcade Shopping Centre)

442 Orchard Road Spore 238879.
Location: Take the lift from Orchard Hotel (Arcade Shopping Centre) to Basement 2.
Turn RIGHT and go down the carpark ramp to Basement 3. You will see a washing area and next to it is the musholla.
Ablution : Can be taken outside the room at the washing area or in the toilet. The room is partitioned into male and female sections. All amenities available.

2. Orchard Parade Hotel Musholla

orchard parade hotel

1 Tanglin Road Spore 247905.
Location: Opposite Orchard Hotel. Located at the 5th floor.
Take the lift at the carpark then turn right you can see a black door.
Details: Ablution : Can be taken at nearby toilet.
All amenities available..

3. Grand Hyatt Hotel Musholla

grand hyatt mosque

12 Scotts Road Spore 228212.
There is a prayer room at level #1 facing the car park.
Hotel guests must ask the staff to bring you to the prayer room as you need card access to the room. The room has separate prayer rooms and ablution facilities for muslimin and muslimah.
All amenities provided. Ask staff for direction.

4. Royal Plaza on Scotts Musholla

royal plaza mosque

Formerly Royal Crowne Plaza.
Class A musholla. 25 Scotts Road Spore 228220. The surau for Muslimin & Muslimahis on the second floor.
From the hotel entrance go right to the Gents & Ladies Restrooms, next to the Lift.
Go upstairs to the car park. All amenities are available. Ablution: For Muslimin, it is next to it. For Muslimah, turn LEFT just outside the prayer area.

5. Goodwood Park Hotel Musholla

mosque at goodwood park hotel

22 Scotts Road Spore 228221.
Location: Basement 1 Carpentry Engineering Workshop.
Go to the valet parking booth and you will see a door leading to steps going down to B1.
Details: Get slippers there. The ablution area is upstairs near the vehicle washing bay rear entrance of Gordon Grill kitchen. Ask any Muslim staff there for assistance.

6. Concorde Hotel ( Le Meridien ) Musholla


100 Orchard Road Spore 238840.
Basement 2. It’s a small room with a white door at the very end where cars will be turning out. There’s a small curtain for partitioning between male and female.
Ablution : to be taken at the toilet in the main building.

7. Regent Hotel Musholla

regent hotel regent mosque

Cuscaden Road 249715.
The musholla is at carpark B2 via staircase. The smoking area that just facing the hotel entrance. There is the Musholla at B2. Wudhu also available.
The prayer room is open for all. But it is only limited for 3-4 person. It’s for male & female.
Ask security guard for direction.

8. York Hotel Musholla.

york hotel MUSHOLLA

21 Mount Elizabeth. Singapore 228516.
Location is at Basement 2 car park. Ablution at opposite the musholla.
Amenities provided. Ask Staff or Security for assistance.

9. Tanglin Shopping Centre Musholla

Take the main lift to the upper most level P if I’m not mistaken.
Turn left to access the open roof top. Turn right to reach the staircase landing for the prayer space.
There is a tap for taking wuduk just before the door to the staircase.

10. Takashimaya Shopping Centre Musholla


391 Orchard Road Spore 238872.
Basement 1, a small room near to the toilets and staff entrance.
Close to Wanokokoro & Christofle shops.
Ablution can be taken outside the room. All amenities provided.
Max only 2 persons in the room. Class A prayer room.