Tips Surrounding Sentosa Island In 3 Hours

Sep 11, 2015


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sentosa merlion

In this article I will provide tips on how to tour the island of Sentosa in less than 3 hours.

These tips will be useful for travelers who have limited time in Singapore, for example, just one day, but want to tour around the whole island as well as outside the Sentosa island visiting the city center such as Singapore Merlion, Marina Bay, Orchard, Chinatown and so on.

Without knowing the ‘trick’ it will not be possible to get to tour the Singapore city as well as Sentosa island in just one day, given the breadth of the tranquil island. Unless you are guided by your tour guide then it becomes possible (please click HERE if you need a tour guide / guides).

But here I will give free tips around the Sentosa island, which can cover the whole territory of the Sentosa island, in just 3 hours, with the goal of just want to see it and take photos without messing rides.

If you make your trip to Sentosa by bus RWS8, then you will be deployed in the basement of a parking lot outside the casino. So the next steps are as follows:

casino resort world

Direct entry into the building (and do not rise to the top of the escalator). We can take pictures in front of the resort world casino theater or in front of which is located at the left end of the building. (Click on photo to enlarge image).

resort world forum


Then we could walk back and forth to get to the other end of the building, walk among the restaurants, which in the middle of it there is plenty of seating, next find a McDonald’s. Go up to the top using the escalator near McDonald. (click to enlarge photo).

maritime museum resort world


At the top of the escalator will be found SEA Aquarium, Underwater World aquarium in resorts world. Readers can enter into it without having to buy a ticket but should only be located in the region only maritime museum. Here we can take pictures in a replica of Cheng Ho’s ships or watching videos or diorama Cheng Ho sailed the ocean adventure that aired every 10 minutes once for free.

universal studio singapore


Once satisfied photographed at the maritime museum which was a building with SEA Aquarium, you walk stroll towards universal studio globe not far from there to take pictures.

lake of dreams


Universal Studio Singapore Globe direction keep going straight past the Chili’s restaurant on the left continue to meet colorful miniature lions, and there continues behind Lake of Dreams. On the right there is a statue of a miniature lion Candylicious candy store. Meanwhile, if you turn to the left is towards the monorail station Waterfront. (click image to enlarge).

the thinker


Circle the Lake of Dreams to keep going straight in the hotel room of the building, to meet the human thinker statue “The Thinker”. Rise to the top of the escalator. (Click photo to enlarge).

sentosa merlion


Arriving at the top of the escalator, immediately met with a fountain and visible from a distance a giant lion statue (Merlion tower).

imbiah station


We can take pictures in front of a giant statue of a lion (merlion tower). There is also a huge SENTOSA slogan here. On the left looks Imbiah station monorail station.

imbiah look out

Tips surround the Sentosa island in 3 hours was continued, and the sequel can be read on writing the second part of the future that will bring us to the next trip to the area Imbiah Lookout with the bicycle as well as a variety of beaches on Sentosa.