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After Check-in or booking just ask for a FREE WiFi or ask about “the Internet”, so you can tell your parents, you have arrived safely in Singapore. Please note that not all of our apartments are equipped with WiFi

(they will love you even more), update your Facebook status (and LIKE us on Facebook), backup your photos, work on your resume and may check on the next flight.


Here is how it looks like when you get connected to our HotSpot!

Free Wifi

Need to use a PC Desktop / Laptop?

cybercafe Want to use more than 1 hour for the internet? Computers need to access better? We have the answer for you: We have super low rates for both our desktop and laptop PCs that include an Internet connection. We also have a discount when you buy 2 hours or 5 hours. Just come and ask about the price at the reception during check-in!