Video on how to use EZ-Link Card in Singapore (Bus N MRT)

Sep 10, 2015


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how to use ezlink

Below can be seen the video the way up / down the bus in Singapore with ezlink card.

From the video above shows that people in Singapore when it goes up or down from the bus do not pay money to the driver, but stick (tapping) card similar to the tools available at the entrance and exit other as shown in the photo below (click to enlarge).

Name of cards that are used for up and down the bus in Singapore is ez-link card, and can be seen for example in the image below. Click to enlarge photo.

Ezlink card corresponding to the picture above can also be used to ride the MRT train.

Basically ezlink card is a card deposit, in the sense that the card must be filled first new balance can be used. Every time a bus or MRT corresponding mileage in the balance on the card is reduced. To fill the balances can be done on a machine available at MRT stations or at the ticket counter or customer service counter at the MRT station.

To get the ezlink card must pay $ 5 card, and the card can be used for years to 6 years perhaps. But there are other types of special cards for tourists who named the Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is not wearing balances system, but according to the package how many days we take (a day, two days, or three days). The STP card can be used to take the bus and MRT (but can not be used for transport to the island of Sentosa). How to use STP card is also the same as the ordinary way of wearing ezlink card as seen in the video above.

Oh yes, in fact there is no necessity to go up and down the bus in Singapore by using the card or cards ezlink Singapore Tourist Pass (STP). It is fine for passengers paying cash money: coins and paper money and put in a box slot available after first asking the driver how much money is needed for our final destination. However, paying with cash is more expensive than a piece of card balances ezlink, besides there is no return of money if we just hold large paper money.

So for those who frequent visitor to Singapore should buy this ezlink card for easy travel by public transport, or for which only a few days can also buy cards with STP (Singapore Tourist Pass), while how to use it to go up and down the bus as long as can be seen in Singapore through the video above.