How to Take and Buy MRT Ticket in Singapore (Video)

Sep 10, 2015


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general ticketing machine

Actually, how to take MRT has been frequently discussed in this site, but because many people are still asking about how to take MRT from airport, then we will provide much info and guide how to ride the MRT in Singapore.

MRT in Singapore is one of the main public transportation other than the bus. So if you visit this country, you will often use the MRT.

MRT is a train network that connects many places. If you like a commuter train in Jakarta, but MRT is clean and on time. For schedule information, hours of operation, can be seen HERE.

Step 1 – From Changi Airport to MRT Station

If you were at Changi Airport, the MRT station is in Terminal 2. please go to Terminal 2, you can take the SkyTrain if you are from different terminal. in Terminal 2 of Changi airport, find the clue Train To City. You will find underground MRT station. you may ask the official surround there if you are not sure.

Step 2 – Look for ticketing machine

Having to look at the MRT station ticket machines. Ticket machine stuck in the wall, and usually a lot of people queuing. click to enlarge photo

Singapore general ticket machine

Step 3 – Read the MRT Map

Near the ticket machines are usually MRT map, learn the maps, where the lines are going to pass. click to enlarge photo

mrt station map

How to Read a Map

Each color in the map above shows the path of the train. When you are at Changi Airport means you’re at the end of the green lane number 3.

White circle, indicating interchange stations, namely the transit station for those of you who want to move the other color channels.

Examples trip

Changi Airport -> Bugis:
From Changi Airport ride green line and then get off at Tanah Merah transit station.
From Tanah Merah station train ride green lanes towards Joo Koon, and get off at Bugis station.

Changi Airport -> Lucky Plaza:
From Changi Airport ride green line and then get off at Tanah Merah transit station.
From Tanah Merah station train ride green lanes towards Joo Koon, and get off at City Hall station.
From the City Hall station riding the Red Line train towards Jurong East, and drop in the Orchard.

Step 4 – Buy Tickets

The next step is to buy MRT ticket. MRT Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machine, or buy a subscription card like-EZ-Link or Singapore Tourist Pass.

Step 5 – Tap Card

Once the tickets are in the form of smart cards you get, immediately you may proceed to the gate entrance at MRT station.

Look for doors that sign the green arrows. Then bring the card (tap) to the right of the door posts of the existing card image. Put the card until it beeps, then the door will open automatically.

singapore mrt gantry

Step 6 – Find Train Track

Once you get to the train station looking for the path that you want to board. As mentioned above, every rail line has its own color. When you ride the Red Line train, look for the red train line instructions.

Step 7 – Entry with Order

Once you have found the train line, please entry in an orderly manner. Do not stand infront of the door, but entry beside the door. See the instructions on the floor for arrows.

mrt underground station

Step 8 – Go to the Train

Trains come about 5 minutes or so, let the people who want to exit the train first, then we got into the train. After entering search of empty seats or kindly stand if there are not seats left.

Let’s not occupy a reserved seat, because the seat was reserved for the elderly, pregnant women, disabled people, etc..

Look at the picture on the ban wagon, as prohibited eating and drinking, smoking, etc..

Step 9 – Station Announcement Notice

A few moments before the train stops will be announced station where the train stops. Example announcement: “Next Station Bedok” or “Next Station Orchard”.

If your destination is near you should be standing near the door so easy to get out.

Step 10 – Go out with caution

There is a sign above the door where the door will open. stand in front of the door which will open.

After the train stopped with caution, came out. Note that between the train and the platform there is a gap between. There are some people who are stuck and wedged in between them.

Step 11 – Look for Exit

find the exit sign. Note the name of the place of his exit, because the distance between the exit door can be very far away. So if you are one out you can walk very far.

Step 12 – Tap your card at Exit

As at the time of entry, exit when you are also required to put the card at the exit. Attach the card to the beeps, and the door will open automatically.

Step 13 – Return Tickets to Machine Tickets

If you buy a standard ticket from the ticket machine, then you must return the ticket to the ticket machine. Amount of deposit will be refunded and tickets out of the machine.

If you use the EZ-Link or STP you do not need to return the tickets.