Guide to Sentosa & Universal Studio by Monorail

Sep 10, 2015


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sentosa monorail

How to take the monorail to Sentosa and universal studios Singapore, The exact location where it is located is at Vivo City level 3 floor of the mall, more will be described below.

boarding the monorail or also called the Sentosa Express is one of the 6 way to the island of Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore.

sentosa train

For those who choose to ride the monorail or sentosa express, then first you must go Sentosa Station which is located on the 3rd floor or the top of vivo city mall. Options how to get to the station to sentosa island / universal studio singapore is as follows: (please click on image to enlarge photo)

  • If you are from vivo city mall or harbourfront MRT station, you are able to go up the escalator from the Vivo City mall to the 3rd floor by first searching for signs directions Sentosa Express or St. James Power Station.


  • Besides taking escalator, more effective way, especially if from harbourfront MRT station is to take the elevator from floor B2 vivo city mall (located on the left after exiting through the exit E). This lift will immediately be brought to the 3rd floor, just next to the Sentosa monorail station and close to places to eat called Food Republic at the monorail station (see photo bottom left, click to enlarge).
  • If you are from harbourfront mall, then the most efficient way to the station for the monorail to Sentosa and Universal Studios is to go back of harbourfront mall, then go up to the 3rd floor and you will meet some of ferry ticket counter, but keep to the left outwards towards the rooftop (open roof) top floor of the mall Vivoo city, and follow the corridor existing and it will bring you up to the monorail station towards sentosa and universal studios.

skyroof vivocity

After being on Sentosa Station, where Sentosa Express monorail located, for those who got standard ezlink card can use it directly for admission to the monorail gate. For those who hold cards STP (Singapore Tourist Pass), you are not able to get in. If you do not have a standard ezlink card, you must buy a ticket at the ticket machine are especially available at the station for 4 dollars per person. There are instructions on how to buy a ticket in the machine (please click the photo below to enlarge the image). You may also ask for help from the officials to buy a ticket in the machine.

sentosa express

Once you had bought your ticket in the machine, or if you already have a standard ezlink card then can go straight go to the entrance gate to board the monorail (Sentosa Station that says as photos below) with admission card by attaching the monorail or ezlink as when we entered the station MRT or take a public bus.

You can then board the monorail to get off at the desired station. The route of the monorail if you go up from the station in Vivo City named Sentosa Station, the next route of the monorail is Waterfront Station, and followed by Imbiah Station, the last would at Beach Station, then later back again to Imbiah Station, Waterfront, and back again to the Sentosa Station at Vivo City. See and click on the photo below.

sentosa station

If you intend to go Universal Studio then you have to get off at Waterfront station. If you want to get off at Merlion tower (giant lion statues) and Sentosa play area for challenging game then you get off at the station Imbiah. If you want to reach the beach you have to get off at the Sentosa Beach Station.

If you’ve been on the island of Sentosa, for example, when you are finished playing at universal studios and intend to return with ride the monorail to Vivo City, or perhaps you would go to another part of the island of Sentosa like beaches, then you can go to the monorail station without the need to pay or buy a ticket again.